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    Netflow data stream from an unmanaged device


      I am receiving the following error message in NTA:

      NetFlow Receiver Service [NHTSLRNTA] is receiving a NetFlow data  stream from an unmanaged device (x.x.x.x). The NetFlow data stream from x.x.x.x will be discarded.  Please use Orion Node Management to manage this IP address in order to process this NetFlow data stream, or just use  manage this device.


      The problem is that the router has two interfaces and one IP address is used to identify the switch in NPM say ''.  When NTA receives a flow from the interface that is not used to identify the device( in NPM i get the error message above.


      What is the best way to solve this problem?

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          This issue can resolved in two ways:

          1.  Change the IP address Orion is managing the device by to match the IP address the flow is coming from.  In this case

          2. Change or enter the following command with the interface that contains the IP address Orion NPM is managing the device by " ip flow-export source "interface with IP address"

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            There are a few ways to solve this problem. If possible, configure your device to send from the same interfaces you are managing the device with. You can do this on most Cisco devices with the source command "flow-export source ... ". 

            If your device doesn't support this, then the easiest thing to do is to manage it from the other IP address. Simply add the node with that address in NPM (more than likely you will want to delete the other address so you don't have duplicate nodes).