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    InformationServiceClient.QueryXml method




      I am trying to use the ORIAN SDK to query SWIS using the InformationServiceClient.QueryXML method in c#.

      I looked at the VBClient example which also uses the QueryXML method but its method just takes one string parameter but the method defined within the InformationServiceClient I am using takes two parameters: query and parameters (a dataset type).

      I understand the purpose of the query but how must my Dataset be set up before passing it on in the method call. An example would be a great help.


      This is my first attempt trying to prove concept. Any help appreciated.





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          You should be able to just pass null for the parameters parameter. I don't know why Microsoft's WSDL parser thinks that should be a DataSet - there's no DataSet you could build that would make sense on the other end.

          In the current development branch, we have changed the WSDL to avoid this problem. Microsoft's svcutil.exe/"Add Service Reference" client generator will build the right thing when (if?) we ship that.