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    FoE - failover updating DNS entry for primary server - can we use an alias instead?


      Hi all,

      We're working through the FoE setup at the moment using the WAN option with active system in one data center and our DR system in another data center.

      Obviously with the WAN setup you cannot have the same IP on both machines and I understand  that as part of the failover process, the FoE changes the DNS record for the primary server to point at the IP of the failover server. However, our server folks are a little unhappy with this approach as they would like the DNS records for the servers to always remain pointing to the correct IP for the main NIC on the server. Instead, they would prefer if the FoE were to update an alias with the new IP - is that possible with the FoE? Doesn't seem to be an option for this during the install on the primary or secondary servers.