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    Trigger email alert based off of communit string



      I have a set of critical servers that I have configured to send specific traps to my Solar Winds Orion NPM server. I want to receive an email alert on any traps received from the community string WideOrbit used on these servers. I can see the traps coming into my SW Trap Viewer but alerting isnt working.

      Below is an example of the trap I received. My alert is simple- only traps received from -, - using community string variable *WideOrbit*, using any trap details, with Condition Community String is equal to WideOrbit, any time of day, email me. 

      I am using NMP 10.2

      What am I doing wrong?

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          Can you provide a little more detail about the alert not working? Did you try other alert action like logging to the events log to make sure there isn't an issue with sending email (if that is the case, then we should be troubleshooting a different issue).

          When you test the trigger action do you get an email?

          Also, try remocing the community string filter and see if the alert sends when you receive any traps from those devices.