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    Unable to add Windows Service monitors?


      Just installed a fresh copy of 10.5 (Build 1546) and I'm having an odd problem.  I can add detected hardware monitors (CPU, memory,etc) but when I try to select one or more Windows Services to create monitors for then click "Done", the Windows services are being completely ignored like I didn't even select them.  I've bounced the server, restarted services, rescanned the device and it still won't let me add Windows Service monitors.  No error message, it just ignores them.

      Example:  1) Perform a scan on a server.  2) Click "Modify" on the scan results page.  3) Unselect everything except one Windows Service. 4) Click "Done".  Scan result page now shows 0 monitors selected for creation.  Doesn't matter if it's one or 20 services.

      Any ideas?

      (ipMonitor 10.5 running on Windows Server 2003 R2)