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    Unable to add Windows Service monitors?


      Just installed a fresh copy of 10.5 (Build 1546) and I'm having an odd problem.  I can add detected hardware monitors (CPU, memory,etc) but when I try to select one or more Windows Services to create monitors for then click "Done", the Windows services are being completely ignored like I didn't even select them.  I've bounced the server, restarted services, rescanned the device and it still won't let me add Windows Service monitors.  No error message, it just ignores them.

      Example:  1) Perform a scan on a server.  2) Click "Modify" on the scan results page.  3) Unselect everything except one Windows Service. 4) Click "Done".  Scan result page now shows 0 monitors selected for creation.  Doesn't matter if it's one or 20 services.

      Any ideas?

      (ipMonitor 10.5 running on Windows Server 2003 R2)

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          how many monitors do you actually have? you can see it in the about - box when you klick at 'about' in the upper right corner.


          oh, i've just seen that you are able to add hw monitors ... but no service monitor ... hmmm?!

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            Hello Jjohnson,

            Two things to try:

            1. Go to "Discovery -> Previous Scan Results" and click the "SmartMonitor Settings" button.  From here, select the services you wish to add and click "Save".  See if the number of Monitors to add changes.


            2. Click "Add -> Add New Device".  Give it the address of the existing Device and click "Next".  It will state that the Device already exists and prompt you if you wish to "View Existing Results" or "Rescan Device".  Click the latter.  Once the scan is complete, click the "Modify Selections" option, select the services you wish to monitor and click "Done".  Click "Create".

            Let me know if either of these tricks help.


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