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    Notifications for EMC Clariion - Disk status other than ok


      Hi all,

      I am working on an alert to be sent when and EMC Clariion disk status is something other thank ok, but I think that is too broad. Instead I would like to know if anyone has a list of possible disk status's that the EMC provider returns for disk drives to alert on.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Shane,

          1. Go to: Threshold Rules

          2. Create a new rule based on > Threshold Rules.

          3. Give it a name

          4. Section = Storage Array

          5. Category = Disk Drive Asset

          CLARiiON drives usually are listed as x_x_x for example 0_0_0

          6. Move the CLARiiON disks over to the "Selected" box.

          7. Condition: Operational Status != OK (not equal to)

          You should get an alert if you've set your mail address and groups up correctly.
          If you haven't, do the following:

          1. Provide email SMTP details under Settings > Server Setup: E-Mail

          2. Go to: Settings > Manage Users > edit your account (admin) > add your mail address

          3. Add Notifications by Group or Resource. If the CLARiiON is in a group with other EMC equipment or storage arrays then select that group instead.

          4. @ Severity, chose Critical, Error  and Warning. That should be enough to trigger an alert when the Operational Status changes. Please Confirm.

          5. Add yourself as the subscriber.


          Let us know how it goes.