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    Changing poller IP


      Hi All,

      I've been asked to move our NPM poller to a different subnet. I know what changes I need to make on our devices but how do I go about making these changes to our database?

      What tables in the database needs to be modified and what are the steps to make this happen?

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          Which version NPM are your running? Is the SQL server local to the NPM installation?

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              Whoops, sorry for the missed data.

              I am on NPM v10.2 and the database is on a different server.

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                  You will need to log on to the machine (NPM) as local admin, NOT a domain admin. If you can't get local admin access then hold off the changing of IP until you can get it.

                  1. Change the IP.

                  2. Run Configuration Wizard found in Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Configuration and Auto Discovery.

                  If it has been run before then it should have the SQL details cached in the fields. If not, add them and make sure to use the SQL user "sa" and password.

                  Run the wizard till it ends, it is a Next ~ Next job but pay close attention to the fields in each step. If it asks to create something then chose to use existing instead.

                  3. When completed successfully, launch the web console.

                  4. Go to Manage Nodes in Settings > Node & Group Management > Manage Nodes

                  5. In the left pane where you see Group By, select No Grouping.

                  6. Make sure the Show filed is set to Nodes and not Interfaces. Select All your Nodes (on all pages if several exist)

                  You can now assign your nodes to the correct poller (the new IP poller) by hovering your cursor over the "More Actions" button (to the left of the Delete button).

                  If in doubt as to which poller your nodes are currently assigned to then go to settings > Polling Engines under Details section.

                  Let us know how it goes.