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    Custom Interface Speed being reset after rediscoveries....


      I am having a very strange issue with linux servers, specifically centos5 variations with net-snmp installed not showing the correct interface speed.  The configuration doesn't specify port speed and duplex, which means its set to auto until specified unless I am mistaken and the switch port is configured for 1000mb full but the interface speed is 10mb full when it is discovered by NPM.  I will change the interface speed in the custom interface properties to be 1000mbps on both tx/rx, poll the device, which will then show the correct speed until the interface is rediscovered.  NPM automatically reverts back to 10mbps and I have to go change the properties again.  Is there a way to make this stop happening?  450% utilization tends to freak people out when they see it and then realize something isn't configured properly.....Any help would be appreciated and many thanks in advance.



      Orion Versions:

      Orion Core 2011.1.1

      Orion NPM 10.1.3