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    Feature Request: Network Discovery Exclusions


      While I think the ignore list is a step in the right direction I do think there can be some definite improvements to network discovery.  One thing I would like to see is the ability to add exclusions to the discovery itself.  We utilize IPAM here within our Orion environment which gives me great insight into our DHCP ranges.

      For example one of my discoveries I have looks at 172.16.x.x what would be ideal would be able to add ranges/subnets/hosts as exclusions just like you can when you specify what you want discovered.

      A quick report from my IPAM data shows I have 45 ranges within this 172.16.x.x network that are DHCP.

      SELECT StartAddress,EndAddress      

        FROM IPAM_DhcpScopeIPRanges

        Where startaddress     like '172.16.%'

      In an ideal situation I would be able to copy these addresses into the ranges tab and exclude them. As it stands now the only way to accomplish this is to manually list the ranges I do want making sure to exclude the ones I don't which is a very difficult task when your DHCP ranges are not in their own subnets but rather .50 - .99 or something along those lines.

      DHCP ranges make up for over 10000 addresses within our networks discovering all of these ranges is pointless.

      I'm sure I can't be the only one that has this type of problem.