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    Interface errors today chart showing last 24 hours not 12AM-12AM


      I'm not sure when this started but we suspect NPM 10.2.  One of our NOC employees noticed a discrepancy when looking at Interface Errors on some circuits.  The Interface Errors is showing data from the last 24 hours and not just since midnight as it used to.  He had pulled a report for the circuit today but found no errors however when looking at this chart it shows much different data.  

      When we look at the circuit over the last 24 hours however we see a spike of 600K errors last night at 9 PM.  We had seen this a couple of times before and dismissed it as an anomaly but now every day when we see errors today especially first thing in the morning when he pulls his report we notice this trend.


      I seem to remember previously today was always 12AM on, has this been changed?  If so that is fine I'm just trying to clarify because on other graphs today seems to be truly today.