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    Getting "Unmonitored Traffic" in charts despite setting "Enable All Monitoring"


      Hello there,

      After having problems with our Orion/NTA database indexes, we decided to nuke the old database and start over again. So that we did, and then running the setup all over again for a "clean" install.

      The only problem I have now, is even after setting "Enable All Monitoring" in "Applications and Service Ports" I have "Unmonitored Traffic" in the majority of our top charts. I understand the consequence of having all ports monitored (and the sauce it makes with dynamic port viewing) but we still want it, considering a majority of our enterprise software utilize highports instead of the 4989 ports monitored by default.

      So my question being, why doesn't this option work and how am I able to monitor ALL 65536 ports with NTA?

      Version info: Orion Core 2011.2.1, NPM 10.2.1, NTA 3.8.0, IVIM 1.2.0

      Thanks for the help in advance!