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    Issue or bug with Group Availability (with members) - Last Month


      I am working with report writer these days and i came across wired issue with Group Availability (with members) - Last Month report temples. We have created multiple groups and put member in it. for example.


      We have test group and it has apache, tomcat application running plus i have added physical server web and DB and i have try to create availability report for last month but its showing me 0%. Actually apache application is down so i can understand but what about other three component ?


      Test group

        1. apache

        2. tomcat

        3. Webserver.example.com

        4. DBServer.example.com

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          Andy McBride

          Check the group status rollup. It sounds like it is set to "worst". The setting is in Settings -> manage groups. Choose the group and click edit.

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              Thanks but how this will effect on my historic availability report ? I believe this option is only for status not for historical report ?

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                    That is cool! I have changed it to Mix status.

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                        Quick question i got report working but its showing me round number like.

                        99.00 %

                        28.00 %


                        I want this report in4 digit. like following.. why its giving me only 2 digit?


                        99.91 %

                        28.57 %

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                            Andy McBride

                            can you post the .OrionReport to content exchange and I'll have a look at it.


                            C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports 

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                                <Report Version="1.0" Group="Study Data" Title="Study Availability - Last 12 Month" ModuleTitle="" Type="History" TypeDescription="Groups: Historical - Group Availability" Icon="History" Schema="Containers-OrionReportWriter.Schema" SubTitle="Outcome Study Uptime Report" Description="" Footer="" Time_Frame="Named" Named_Time_Frame="Last 12 Months" Relative_Time_Frame="24 Hours" Starting_DateTime="1/13/2011 0:0:0" Ending_DateTime="1/14/2012 0:0:0" Grouping="" Group_Position="End" SQL="SELECT  TOP 10000 AVG(Containers_ContainerAvailability.GroupPercentAvailability) AS AVERAGE_of_Group_Availability,
                                Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupName AS Group_Name,
                                Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupStatusName AS Group_Status

                                Containers_AlertsAndReportsData INNER JOIN Containers_ContainerAvailability ON (Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupID = Containers_ContainerAvailability.GroupID)

                                ( DateTime BETWEEN 40554 AND 40920 )
                                  (Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupName LIKE '%Live%')

                                GROUP BY Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupName, Containers_AlertsAndReportsData.GroupStatusName

                                ORDER BY 2 ASC

                                        </Filter></QueryBuilder><LayoutGroups></LayoutGroups><Fields><Field Name="Group_Name" Header="Study Name" Range="ALL" Parser="None" Format="" Alignment="Left" Width="0" Units="" Hidden="False" WebURL="" BaseTableName="Containers"></Field><Field Name="Group_Status" Header="Group_Status" Range="ALL" Parser="None" Format="" Width="0" Units="" Hidden="False" WebURL="" BaseTableName="StatusInfo"></Field><Field Name="AVERAGE_of_Group_Availability" Header="AVERAGE_of_Group_Availability" Range="ZeroAndAbove" Parser="Numeric" Format="" Alignment="Left" Width="0" Units="%" Hidden="False" WebURL="" BaseTableName="ContainerAvailability"></Field></Fields></Report>

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                                      There are a number of problems with SolarWinds Availability reporting.


                                      Your problem with the rounding is due to the database design. The Group Percent Availability values are stored as integers, and when you perform integer arithmetic you get integer results. So even if your actual availability is 99.9999999% the report will be 99.00%


                                      If you change the above SQL from:


                                      AVG(Containers_ContainerAvailability.GroupPercentAvailability) AS AVERAGE_of_Group_Availability,


                                      to (shortened for brevity)


                                      round((SUM(GroupPercentAvailability)+0.0)/COUNT(b.GroupPercentAvailability),3) AS AVERAGE_of_Group_Availability,


                                      Adding 0.0 causes the database to perform floating point arithmetic, and you will get the expected result.


                                      Note that the Availability field in the ResponseTime tables for Nodes is (correctly) stored as a REAL


                                      However, the availability result for both Groups and Nodes may still be wrong depending on when you do the calculation.


                                      The problem is that Solarwinds seems to keep 30 days of rolled up hourly averages, and thereafter daily averages. So if you do a report for last month say in the middle of this month, it will average 15 x  one daily average, and 15 x 24 hourly averages which is totally incorrect and will completely skew any results depending on when the outage was.


                                      What it should do is weight the results so that the daily value has a weight of 24 and the hourly result a weight of 1.


                                      Note that the web-based report for Node availability seems to be correct, but the report writer is definitely not. Both Web-based and Report writer reports for groups seem to be incorrect.


                                      Bottom line - I cannot trust the availability reporting on Solarwinds, and would certainly never base an SLA on it.