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    Mobile Status on Demand?


      Hello, new to the forum so apologies if this has already been addressed:  

      I need to way to get mobile status to iOS/Android devices, away from the office.  Not just standard alerts via email (which I already have), but a full status view/report of all nodes and/or groups.  My Orion NPM system cannot be connected directly to the internet.  VPN is also not an option for mobile devices.  So what I am looking for is, for example, automated scheduled email reports in a mobile view, or simple text showing node or group status hourly, or better yet, something on-demand, like where you text your bank for a balance, or text your cell phone provider for you usage balance.  

      In my environment, just getting the event messages is not good enough. I need a way to get regular or on-demand status to a mobile device (especially after normal working hours), even if everything is "UP".  I am running the most current version of Orion NPM.  Thank you!