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    NPM installation



      I´ll upgrade NPM/APM like below: 

      NPM 10.0 to NPM 10.2

      APM 3.5 to APM 4.2

      I´ll create this monitoring environment in a new (more robust) windows server.


      Can I create a fresh install (installing NPM10.2/APM4.2 in this new server)

      and attaching to the existing NPM/APM DB (located in another server) ?



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          I'm not 100% certain on this, but I suspect what you are planning is not a wise idea.

          Usually when software is updated (particularly with major versions like APM 3 to 4) changes are made to the database structure as part of the upgrade process.

          Therefore, if you just do a new install of 10.2/4.2 and point that at the database that was being used by 10.0/3.5 the database will not have the updated structure required by the newer versions and is likely to cause you problems.

          What you should be able to do is upgrade your old servers to 10.2/4.2 first to ensure that the database updates are carried out, then do your fresh installs on the new servers and point those at the existing databases which will now be up to the correct structure.

          I would advise disconnecting your old servers first however, otherwise you will end up with both SolarWinds servers trying to update the same database and you may get some odd results. Also, don't forget to deactivate the licence from your old server so that you can apply it to the new server!

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              Thanks for your reply.

              Maps and views stays on the NPM DB or I'll need copy them too ?

              My old server haves only 3 GB free space HD, so I think to do the upgrade in the new server. 

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                  10.0, the maps should be in the DB, I know for sure with 10.2.  Views, yes.

                  if you created any reports, you need to copy those.  I agree with NRMS upgrade on the old server then migrate, but you could do both, it *might* work, but you might be walking into trouble doing it that way.