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    Is it possible to have this custom view?



      What we want is a custom view so that we can see the utilisation of a specific interface.

      I have created a custom node view which allows me to see the utilisation of all interfaces on a specific node but we have some nodes (core switches for example) which have 40-50 interfaces which are all monitored.

      What I want is a view so I can pick a node, and pick a specific interface on that node to display the utilisation.

      So far I have managed to create a custom sumamry view and then select 'Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous Resources' and then 'Custom Object Resource' and then pick a node and then there is an option for 'Traffic and Percent Utilisation of each interface' but this shows all interfaces which is a problem is you have 50 on a core switch and you just want one to display in the view.

      Any ideas?