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    Alert Widget filtering


      I'm having a bit of trouble filtering the Alert widget. In our deployment, multiple managers use the system and have their own logins and associated dashboards. Unfortunately the only way to filter the Alert Widget that I can find is to add all objects a manager is interested in to "My Content" which appears to be an extremely tedious process of going in and making a copy of each Alert type, editing the query and assigning each manager as an owner. I can filter all the other widgets right in the widget, why the tedious process for the Alert widget? Right now that widget is showing Alerts for machines the other managers dont care about so hopefully I'm just overlooking an easy solution.

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          You have outlined one way to do this today.  In general, you will need to create multiple copies of an alert (with different underlying searches for each different scope).


          One tweak that might help is that alerts and other content can be tagged, and the my content widget that shows the alerts can be filtered by tag.


          The other thing that may save you some time in creating the alerts is that you can select multiple alerts in the "content" section of the product and mass export them to XML.  You could then edit the alerts and mass import them, which may save some time.