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    daily report for discards


      Hi, I have been trying to configure a report to be run daily and tell me the top 20 node\interfaces that are discarding traffic for the previous day between the hours of 7.00am and 6pm.  I need to see the node name and the interface plus the amount of discards.  I have tried a few options but none of them seem to give me what I want.  Any help would be appreciated!

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          In Report Writer add a New Report and select Historical - Interface Errors.

          Under Select Fields, Add the Following Fields:



          Interface Name

          Node Name

          Recv+Xmit Discards Sort by Descending


          In the Filter Results Tab, Add the following:

          Hour of Day (24 Hour Format) is greater or equal to 7

          Hour of Day (24 Hour Format) is less than or equal to 18

          Recv+XMit Discards is greater than 0 (this is so you only see devices that have Discards in the Report)


          Top XX Tab: Set to Show only the Top 20 Records

          Timeframe Tab:  Set Yesterday.


          Under the Field Formatting Tab, select InterfaceID and NodeID and select Hidden Field. This will hide these fields which are needed to reference the devices.


          This should display what you are looking for. I added the Interface Icon and the Vendor Icon to my report to easily show the type of Device and Interface.

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            Is there a "fix" for interfaces with high discards, or do you just see which interaces are being overrun?  I've googled about using layer 2 flow control, but this appears to be abandoned technology in a layer 3 world.
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                I personally use the Errors and Discards to gauge the quality of my Wireless Links on my network. Wireless Transmission issues from my Cisco AP are reporting the majority of my Errors and Discards and since the wireless device that it is connecting to the AP is stationary, I am able to see if any changes in Access Points Physical Location will change the quality of Service.

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                  smartd  I find that the interface discards are extremly useful for detecting over subscription of wan link as this is when the router starts dropping packets.  Sometimes the graphs average out utilisation to show that the line is not maxed out but using the utilisation graphs in conjunction with discards and the graph for amount of data transferred you can get a better picture of when your links are being over utilised for short periods.

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                      Just one other question... I have created this report and one other for percent utilised.  I now want to schedule the report to run and e-mail me.  Under configuration manager I have similar reports being emailed to be in pdf format.  

                      When I try this in NPM via the report scheduler I only seem to get the orion url emailed to me with a message of unable to convert the web page to PDF.  Do I need to install an add on on the orion server to perform the pdf converstion?