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    Unable to add IP addresses or range to an existing subnet



      I am running into a problem in IPAM where I have several created subnets where the range of IP addresses is not populated. I know this is default behavior for subnets greater than a /24. However, I am seeing this happen on several /26s, /27s and /28s. I have tried to add them manually, even one IP address at a time through the AddIP Range menu item. This fails with the message ' Command Failed Solarwinds.IPAM.Contract.Service.IIPamIpNodeProxy.AddMany failed, check fault information'. I've tried restarting services with no luck and am usure as to where to check for fault information.

      Does anyone have a solution to this issue? Thanks in advance.




      Orion Core 2011.2.1, IPAM 2.0.1, NCM 7.0, NPM 10.2.1, IVIM 1.2.0