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    WMI Monitor crash


      I have recently begun using the free WMI Monitor tool to walk the monitorable options on some servers to locate and create WQL queries to be added to APM (unusal items like mount points on Exchange servers).  Was working well until I selected something incorrectly, and the application crashed, and continues to crash every time it is run.  I see the SolarWinds WMI Monitor screen come up with the name and IP address of the server to be monitored, then a Workspace Studio - Unhandled Exception error is displayed and the app closes.

      Now, the normal things you would do to fix an issue like this fail.  Repairing the program and re-installing do not work.  Why?  Because the app remembers the last item monitored even after a re-install.  And I cannot figure out where this information is stored.  I've totally deleted the installation directory, and I cannot locate it in the registry.

      Any thoughts?