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    UDT 2.0 issues/feature requests


      Hi guys,

      Installed UDT 2.0 a couple days ago and I absolutely love that we now have user login details as well! Bravo!!
      I have however found some issues, shortcomings maybe. This is what i have found:

      1. It is not possible to search by Node name. Searching for that Node's IP work fine.
      Now, by searching for the Node name i mean the node that a user has logged on to,  - a system.
      It doesn't seem to matter whether the system is added in NPM or not. The only Nodes that can be searched are UDT nodes that are currently monitored.

      Why is this an issue?

      Say you want to find out who and or how many users have logged on to a system, desktop, laptop. You could search for that system in UDT and in the results get an overview of all the recent logins.
      It would be great if that were possible. Right now i can see that UDT lists desktops that users have logged on to but i can't search for those desktops.

      If this is a shortcoming the please consider implementing the possibility to do a cross reference in tables to permit searching for NPM nodes and Nodes (systems, hostname) that are not in the NPM database.
      If this is a feature then please make it more transparent by adding a note in the search field saying what can and what can't be searched.

      2. Can't search for MAC addresses with dashes in them. The formatting must be correct or else it won't work.
      Some more transparency by adding a note about this would be of great value.

      3. There seems to be broken links between found MAC addresses and existing nodes in the system (NPM).

      4. Filters no longer work? In UDT 1.0 i was able to add a filter to the "Top 10 Nodes by Percent Ports Used" resource.
      An example would be Nodes.Room = 'Batcave' . What i get now is "There was an error rendering: Top 10 Nodes by Percent Ports Used »"

      Closely related to this issue is a feature request. It would be awesome if you could sort and or group your Top 10 resource to be able to display percent ports used for a group of nodes that have been grouped by use of a custom property. For example; say you had 250 or more switches spread among 30 different sites and in different countries. Each of the 250 switches have a custom property, often different and the custom properties indicate where they are located. You would like to know how many ports are available in each site (30 sites!) without having to create 30 resources on that page where each resource is edited to include a filter for said site. This is something of a cross between the "All UDT Nodes" and "Top 10 Nodes by Percent Ports Used" reources. The one thing that must be included is a % Ports used bar < really important!

      5. Some users in the AD results resource do not include AD group membership details. I have noticed that these users are all members of the default "Users" group in the AD tree.
      Maybe this is an issue with our ADDC :/

      That's all for now.
      Thanks for taking the time out to read this through.