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    list of officially supported wifi APs?


      We have been using NCM for quite a few years and LOVE it. However our current inventory of Proxim wireless APs (AP-700s) dont seem to be supported fully. While the last several upgrades have slowly and incrementally added more and more visibility into the devices, they still dont seem to be fully supported. (we see # of connected clients but no further info such as SNR, etc)


      Is there a compatibility list of fully supported APs? We are getting ready to upgrade our WiFi infrastructure and knowing the new devices were fully supported by NCM would help guide our purchasing decision.


      So is there a list of fully supported, known good APs for us to reference?


      (My only preference is NON Cisco. I have a fundamental problem paying a premium price for devices that don't even include a warranty. the least they could do is offer at least a  1 year return to depot warranty like almost every other manufacturer on the planet. /rant)