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    Cisco (and other) Hardware failure Monitoring - products?


      Hi forum


      I am looking to make a choice on what product to buy to allow me to do hardware failure monitoring across my customer network infrastructures (firewalls, routers and switches).  Most of it would be Cisco, but more and more will be the Hp stuff, Huawei (or however you spell that) so really need to get a product that can do at least the basics (i.e. what Hp SIM does for Proliant servers)


      I know Solarwinds is not really doing anything in this space (outside traps and syslog - which sucks so bad let’s not talk about them) ..  so just wondering what the population out there have done in this space?  looking for things like fan failure, temperature etc. the usual stuff


      I had a post going some time ago about collecting everyone’s TRAPs rules in one place, but it go no interest, so again i am hoping you guys have something else in place, either multi vendor, or a bunch of vendor specific ones...




      help...   -)