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    Mass Edit - Analysis of Test Results


      In ipMonitor 10.5, Bandwidth monitors can now alert on Total Bandwidth, Inbound Bandwidth, and Outbound Bandwidth.  After upgrading, all my Bandwidth monitors have all three selected.  How do I mass edit and deselect Total Bandwidth so that I only have Inbound and Outbound?

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          Hello Chaldz,

          At this time there is no option within Mass-Edit to modify this new feature.  I will submit this as a feature request.

          In the meantime, there is a possible workaround:

          1. Click "Configuration -> Settings -> Export settings"

          2. Only check "Monitors" and click "Export"

          This will give you the XML of all of your Monitors.

          3. Search for


          replace with


          4.  Click "Configuration -> Settings -> Import settings"

          5.  Copy/Paste your new XML and click "Import".

          That should do it.


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