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    Feature Request for Network Sonar Discovery - Ignore List Rules


      I have started using Network Sonar Discovery and have found it very time consuming to continually add stuff to the Ignore List. 90% of everything I am adding to the Ignore List could be automated by a simple rule base.


      Ignore all Removeable volumes (floppy, cdrom etc...)

      Ignore all volumes containing /home

      Ignore all Loopback interfaces


      Can we get something like this added to Network Discovery.


        • Re: Feature Request for Network Sonar Discovery - Ignore List Rules

          I agree completely the ignore list needs the ability to be more dynamic.....I would like to take it a step further and also have the discovery add some exclusion rules to it.

          So if I have in my discovery list I would like to be able to exclude some ranges without having to individually list the ranges or subnets.  Perhaps I want all 172.16.  but say 172.16.100.x and 172.16.101.x are my /30 ranges for my uplinks.  As it stands now I have to do ranges instead to exclude (and it's rarely as simple as two subnets in the middle often times it's entire chunks reserved for DHCP within subnets)