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    Can´t remove Nodes form LANsurveyer Map


      Hello Everybody!


      I´m using LANsurveyor for Discovering a complete network. The network have about 5000 Nodes. The LANsurveyer runs in a VM with Win2008R2 Server with 2 CPUs and 4GB RAM.

      The map with 2000 Nodes works, but after i added 500 new Nodes the Performance goes down. The Application worked very slow. So i want to remove the new added nodes and make a seperate Map. But after i marked the nodes an i click the "cut" Button die Application frozen. I know, that sometimes it takes a lot of time to load a bigger map, so i waited for 3 days. But nothing happens.

      My Question: How i can remove the node, without make a new map? Is it possible to edit the MAP-File (.lsu) in a Editor? Is there another way?


      I hope someone can help me.