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    NPM False alerts


      Hi Everyone,


      Just want to ask. Is it really possible that Solarwinds will send false alert whenever there is a "high percentage usage"???Or just a result of a wrong condition made.

      Below is the sample we are recieving:




      SV SolarWinds Alert: aemsapa1 is Up Customer: ${CustomerName}


      Incident Description

      Alert: Node is Down aemsapa1

      Status: Up

      Customer: ${CustomerName}

      Device Type: ${Device_type}

      Primary Engineer: ${Primary_Eng_}



      Hope to get some feedback as soonest as possible. Thanks you very much. Happy holidays!

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          It is usually the Conditions are not grouped correctly, or if you change the type of property to monitor as you are setting conditions. The Advanced Alerts are SQL Queries that are queried directly against the database.


          We will need to know the Trigger, Reset, and Suppression conditions to assist in an Alert issue.

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              thank you very much for your reply, actually that's what we've been trying to say to them but they're just answering that it is a hardware issue, below is what they want us to do for temporary. I have worked with Solarwinds before but as of now of part of the network not Solarwinds.


              Please follow this process of restarting the services from ORION service manager.

              - stop the NPM service.
              - stop the SQL server.
              - make sure that these two services are off already.
              - then stop all SOLARWINDS services.
              - once stopped, start the SQL server
              - then start all the SOLARWINDS services.

              With this way of restarting the services, we can eliminate the bulk false alerts.


              The NPM service is dependent on the CPU processes of the server. At this time, the new nodes we have added in SOLARWINDS are causing the high percentage of the CPU usage.


              can you comment on that sir???,this issue is for a month already.

              Thank you very much.