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    Availability Statistics Fatal Error 823


      Hello all,

      I am encountering an issue this morning that just crept up.  When I view a node details page, the Availability Resource displays an error:

      The "Availability Statistics " resource threw an exception..
      Warning: Fatal error 823 occurred at Dec 23 2011 8:28AM. Note the error and time, and contact your system administrator.
      From what I can tell, this error seems to be related to a SQL issue.  Any ideas what's going on or what steps need to be taken?
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          Tomas Mrkvicka


          you are right, this is SQL Server error. What is even worse is the fact that this is very probably IO error (that means hardware error).

          I would recommend you to start repairing your DB as soon as it is possible. Of course first you should check status of your hardware and if there is something wrong just use new properly working hardware.

          For checking database you can just run DBCC CHECKDB.

          Of course if you have fully qualified DBA then please inform him about this situation. He should know what to do, if there is no DBA in your organization then let me know and I will try to give you some advices.