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    User Import CSV File


      Every ney School Year I have to add 50 new Users to the AD which I get as an Excel file. Now Ive tried to use your new tool but it comes up with an error: wrong DS sintax or something. Can anybody show me how the fields have to look like and what fields can be imported?

       Thanks a million

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          Can you post what format/fields you are currently using when you try to import?

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              Thanks Brandon

              I attached a zip file with a csv file I tried to import. I suspect I do something wrong.

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                  We did not receive any attachment for the CSV file. Are you sure you attached on? Here are some things to consider:

                  1. Are your credentials correct? From the description we can't tell which screen you made it to before the error.

                  2. The CSV can be in any format as long as all *like* fields are in the same columns. All user names should be in the same column, all passwords should be in the same column, etc. Then you will be allows to map which column goes to which value. Unmapped columns are ignored.

                  3. There are some required fields that need to be mapped to some column in your CSV such as: Sam-Account-Name, Password, Organizational Unit (for AD account only). And for Exchange accounts you need Alias, Name, SamAccountName, Password, Database, OrganizationalUnit, UserPrincipalName. If any of these values is bad that user will not be imported and you will receive a notification. The remaining users will be imported.

                  4. If your CSV does not have all of the required information you can type in some manual values to fill out the rest of the needed information.



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                      I'm looking for your CSV file too ...

                      May i ask for sample CSV  , it will help me a lot !

                      For example  Password is in clear  or it could be encrypted ?



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                          Here are some cuts from two sample CSV files that we know will work. This first excerpt is for importing into AD. No exchange:

                          user1,Password1,,Name1,Surname1,A,Name1 A. Surname1
                          user2,Password2,"OU=test,DC=root1,DC=forest1,DC=local",Name2,Surname2,B,Name2 B. Surname2
                          user3,Password3,,Name3,Surname3,C,Name3 C. Surname3
                          user4,Password4,,Name4,Surname4,D,Name4 D. Surname4
                          user5,Password5,,Name5,Surname5,E,Name5 E. Surname5
                          user6,Password6,"OU=test,DC=root1,DC=forest1,DC=local",Name6,Surname6,F,Name6 F. Surname6
                          user7,Password7,,Name7,Surname7,G,Name7 G. Surname7
                          user8,Password8,,Name8,Surname8,H,Name8 H. Surname8
                          user9,Password9,,Name9,Surname9,I,Name9 I. Surname9
                          user10,Password10,,Name10,Surname10,J,Name10 J. Surname10

                          Note that the first three columns are mandatory but if organizational Unit is empty the application will use the default organizational unit.

                          Here is an excerpt for importing via Exchange:

                          alias1,user1,userLogon1,New!Password_1,Mailbox Database 0898926375,"CN=Users,DC=exchange10,DC=root,DC=local",FirstName1,LastName1,A
                          alias4,user4,userLogon4,New!Password_4,Mailbox Database 0898926375,,FirstName4,LastName4,D
                          alias8,user8,userLogon8,New!Password_8,Mailbox Database 0898926375,,FirstName8,LastName8,H

                          Note that the first six columns are mandatory but if organizational Unit  and Database are empty the application will use the default  organizational unit and mailbox database. You can select the mail box  database from existing ones listed in the tool so you don't need to know  the names of those databases while creating the file.



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                    Can you go into Settings and set the logging level to Verbose then try your operation again. Then you can send us a log segment from:

                    <All Users Profile>\Application Data\SolarWinds\UserImportTool\UserImportTool.log

                    Also, please let us know at which step you got the error. The will tell us what is going on.



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                      Run "csvde -f test.csv" (no quotes of course) from the command line for active directory.

                      This will get you a dump of your current active directory. I just narrowed it down to one my template user and copied that. I got rid of any columns that I didn't want to modify.

                      Here are the fields that I kept. The I just mapped them in the import tool.


                      givenNamesnmemberOfDNobjectClassCommon NamepwdPropertiesdccndescriptionoudisplayNameprimaryGroupIDsAMAccountNamememberuserPrincipalNamePassword


                      Here are the mappings that worked for me.

                      mapping with solar winds.png