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    EVA Performance collection




      Storage Manager has not collected any performance data on my EVA's for the past 2 hours. When I look at the events log it is telling me that "WBEMClient connection Failed, Unable to connect" Anybody have any ideas of what I can do to get performance data to be collected again?


      Please let me know


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          mark wiggans

          There are some EVA troubleshooting steps in this pdf-


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              Thanks Mark.

              Something seems to be acting up. Performance Data continues to come and go on my EVA. It seems to have collected overnight but then it appears to have stopped around 7:30 am. Perhaps there is an issue between CV and Solarwinds that is not allowing the information to be sent over.

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              Garrett Gross

              I suggested this on the support ticket that was submitted but, a possible fix is to change the performance collection to a synchronous method:


              On the agent(s) monitoring the array(s):

              Stop the agent process and open the mod.sys.smis.Smis.xml configuration file found in \Storage Manager Agent\systemic\mod.sys.smis.Smis_1.0\ in a text editor.  Add the tag "<synchronous>true</synchronous>" between "<mod.sys.smis.Smis>" and "</mod.sys.smis.Smis>".










              *Note: if you are using the Storage Manager server to monitor the arrays, the path to the file would be \Storage Manager Server\agent\systemic\mod.sys.smis.Smis_1.0\


              Restart the agent process and let it collect for an hour or so.