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    Syslog Multiple Retention Periods


      Hi Foks,

      I am working through a project with one of my customers. Their systems output a high volume of syslog messges bu their requirement is to only retain a weeks worth logs and no more. This is good because at the volumes NPM is receiving I won't be able to maintain more than a weeks worth of their logs on top of my other log messages.

      The trouble is however, I retain my syslog messages for 21 days and I cannot afford the space to retain this new higher volume messages for the full 21 days.

      If there were some way in which the database maintenance could delete logs with certain IP's older than 1 week but leave the remaining syslog messages for the remaining 21 days that would be the solution to this obsticle for me.

      Can anyone think of an alternative solution for this, obviously without just reducing the retention period overall or buying KIWI syslog.



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          Tomas Mrkvicka


          I don't think there is some "official" solution. But it would be probably possible via modification of stored procedure which is responsible for deleting SysLog records.

          But as I said it is unofficial solution, so after upgrade to new version you modification will be replaced by original stored procedure etc.