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    SCOM 2007 and Orion intergration


      OK...I have what should be a simple question. I have the management pack downloaded and I am a little reluctant to install. I have poored over thwack and sent a couple e-mails with some good feedback from  tech support.


      Here are some quick questions that maybe someone can answer for me on here: (taken from my e-mails).

      Scenario 1:
      Orion and SCOM have different a status for a monitored item. This could be due to a polling setting or even a planned event where the SCOM has it set to “unmanaged” and Orion does not. Who wins on the reporting and who sends the alerts? How do I configure this using “best practices”.

      Question 2:
       Say Orion and SCOM have an alert that needs to be acknowledged. Given our environment if it’s a Server and SCOM acknowledges the alert does Orion see this? If it’s a switch/router does SCOM see the alert?

      In a nutshell I would like to know what to expect when I install the management pack and how SCOM reacts to it. I am simply trying to gather as much information as possible before implementing it in order to know what to expect.

      For example:
      • Will I get a flood of alerts from SCOM after installing the management pack and if so what kind?
      • What are some “best practices” when installing the management pack in regards to alert formatting and management.

      The responses are:

      There is no interaction between the two monitoring software packages in terms of alert acknowledgement. The management pack allows SCOM to collect small amounts of data from the Orion website.


      Any insight at all from a fellow solarwinds admin who has done this would be appreciated.