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    Exam Cancellation by Prometric/Test Centre - Not Informed!


      Well I had been hoping to add myself to the list of SCPs yesterday, but things didn't quite go to plan.

      Booked the exam on December 11th for yesterday. Turned up at the test centre just over 30 mins in advance as stated in the instructions to be told that my exam had been cancelled. The reason given by the test centre was that they had been told by Prometric that they needed to update their exam software. On returning to the office to reschedule the exam I noticed that the test centre was no longer listed. Tried to call Prometric but they only work normal office hours (which in Saudi Arabia is Saturday to Wednesday!) so I could only use their online chat system. I was told by the support person that the test centre had been "deactivated" which meant it was "Closed temporary" and that I was best phoning Prometric today.

      Just got off the phone with Prometric who can see that a ticket was raised for the centre on December 15th so it was known in advance of my exam that the centre would be unavailable. Unfortunately, they don't seem to know if the centre is just temporarily unavailable, or being taken off the list permanently, or what. I was also unable to get an exact answer as to whose responsibility it was to inform the candidate that the exam could not take place at the booked time and location. They have, however, rescheduled it for a different centre in January (I'm on leave for 2 weeks from Thursday).

      Obviously, this is not an ideal situation when you've gotten ready for an exam only to be told at the last minute that it has been cancelled. I realise that this is not SolarWinds' fault; I am raising this as an issue as it is something I feel that they need to aware of. I'm not sure if it's happened to anyone else or if this is just an isolated incident. But I guess one general piece of advice I could offer here is it may be worth phoning your test centre the day before your exam to check that the centre will be able to honour your booking!

      Ah well. Guess it's a couple more weeks to do a bit more revision!