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    I can not Download router configuration.


      hello all

      I have installed SolarWinds Toolset Launchpad Version 9.2  , I tried to download configuration fie from router but always I'm receiving this message after selecting the file type (current file , or NVRam file)  :

      Transfer failed , Network/Server timeout.

      I' using the Community String , when I test is show me : Credentials test passed.

      Can any one help me ..!

      Best regards


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          the version of Engineer's Toolset you use is quite old, I recommend upgrading to the latest one. As for your issue, it may happen that the connection is initiated between the device and TFTP server after the application times out. Try to wait couple of minutes and then check the TFTP server to see whether the file is there.

          Additionally, you may want to run Wireshark to capture the outgoing/incoming packets to see what is happening.