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    CatTools 'blind dial'? Access device w/TCP 80 HTML


      I am trying to teach CatTools to interact with a Cisco CE500 switch.  The joy of the CE500 is that Cisco hacked out it's CLI.  The only way to communicate with a CE500 is via it's web GUI.  But wait!  A little Googling revealed you can execute CLI commands and receive their traditional looking output by talking to the web server directly at TCP 80, using a telnet client.  I am so close to being able to get CatTools to dump and save the CE500's running-config, to back it up.  What is stopping me so far is CatTools apparent insistence on having whatever device it's pointed to give it some kind of output first, after initial connect, before it will proceed sending whatever commands you've given it to send to the device.  I have been through all the custom tweaking mechanisms offered in both the device configuration and the activity configuration areas of the program.  Nothing has allowed me to come up with a clever way to get CatTools to make the first move.  Not successfully, anyway.  Looking at debug output from the attempts shows that no matter what, CatTools ends up looking for one of the standard looking kinds of Cisco router prompts or messages, etc.  I just want to have CatTools blindly send a few lines of text to the device after initial TCP connect to port 80 and save the output in a file.  Nothing fancy.  No error checking, no config diffing, etc.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks! :)