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    Announcing General Availability of UDT 2.0


      I am happy to announce that UDT 2.0 is now Generally Available! Below are the highlights of the main features and fixes. There is more information and screenshots available in the User Device Tracker 2.0 Beta!.

      • User information collected from Active Directory domain controllers
      • CDP / LLDP information collected to better determine network connection information
      • More reports and extended reporting schema
      • New alert for new devices connected to the network
      • New detail pages to provide more information about specific endpoints and users
      • The old UDT search has been moved to Ad-Hoc reporting to more accurately reflect what it does. The new search is focused on quickly getting users to the detail pages



      Release Candidate Participants:

      The release candidate key is not a permanent key and will expire. For those customers that have been evaluating UDT 2.0 in production as part of the release candidate program using the release candidate key, you must re-activate your installation with a commercial license key.  This new license key is available in your customer portal.

      Failure to re-activate with your commercial license key may result in one or both of the following when the release candidate key expires: a request to enter a valid key upon launching of the desktop console; failure of the background backup configuration job.

      Obtain your commercial license key from the customer portal and follow the steps below to re-activate:


      • Step 1: Open the License Manager (Start > SolarWinds > SolarWinds License Manager)
      • Step 2: Click on the “Upgrade” link
      • Step 3: Enter the Commercial license key, available from you customer portal
      • Note: If your UDT server cannot access the SolarWinds license activation services (e.g. off-line server), you need to use the “Offline Manual Activation” option of the License Manager.
      • Step 4: Verify that your commercial license key is correctly activated, by reviewing the license details in the NCM Web Interface (Settings > License Details)




      Mav Turner