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    TFTP Server No Start - Log attached


      Another issue with not starting. I have been using this for several monthes with no problem. Suddenly yesterday, I can not start the server. Nothing was changed on my laptop, that I know of. This is XP (32) SP2. Here's the log...  anyone know what this means and how to fix it????


      2011-12-13 03:36:00,953 [6] ERROR TFTPServer.Service.TFTPService - TFTP Server failed to stop, due to the following error

      System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException: The tracking handler of type 'TFTPServer.Service.TFTPServer+TFTPServerTrackingHandler' is not registered with Remoting Services.

         at System.Runtime.Remoting.Services.TrackingServices.UnregisterTrackingHandler(ITrackingHandler handler)

         at TFTPServer.Service.TFTPServer.Stop()

         at TFTPServer.Service.TFTPService.OnStop()

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          The tracking handler is registered when the service starts and unregisters when the service stops. Try making sure the service is stopped and the application portion is not running. Then use Windows Task manager process tab to make sure there are no running processes for TFTP server that may still be lingering. If so stop them. Then start up your TFTP server again and start the service.



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              Thanks Steve, yes I've done that. The TFTP server is stopped in Task Manager/Services, and I see nothing in Task Manager/Processes, but when I click START in Solarwinds, the TFTP server appears in Processes and still shows as STOPPED in Services. If I try to start the service in the Services Manager, I get an error saying it started but then stopped. When I click START in Solarwinds, after about a second I see the STOP button highlight as if something is actually stopping it. ( Both BitDfender and the firewall are disabled.)

              I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, but can't make this work.