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    Enhancement of SQL User Experience Monitor




      1.) I would like to be able to return a "message" like in scripts from sql queries. <<<<---- that one!!!!!

      2.) I would like to be able to return the message of component monitors in alarms for the whole template (just output the message of all component monitors within that template)

      3.) I would like to return multiple values (like in scripts) from sql queries (each taking up a license for all I care but it makes it easier, e.g. I have a Template named SQL Health on ServerA, in there I have a component monitor called "SQL Backup Performance", I would like to return data for each database on the server instead of creating one component monitor for each)

      4.) I would like the ability to turn off history detail data, for some component monitors knowing if it was up/down/warning/critical is already much more than we need :)