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    Adding CPU/Memory Resource



      I have two identical Riverbed Steelheads added to NPM.  When they were initially added, I specified CPU & Memory (along with a few interfaces) as monitored elements to one but not the other.  I would now like to add CPU & Memory for monitoring to the first, but the option does not show up in the resource list.

      I have been collecting NTA data from both for quite some time and prefer not to delete and re-add the device to get this information - I'm guessing I would lose the history if I delete the device.

      Is there another method to re-add CPU and Memory to the list of available resources?


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          I am not at all sure what happened here.

          I had tried rediscovering the device in the past and it didn't change anything.  When I rediscovered again today, the device showed as "Up" but with a red indicator.  Hovering over the device had no indication of what the problem was.  I could not find any alerts/events/messages associated with this device.  When I hovered over the device in NTA, it said "one or more interfaces are down".  I checked the status of all the interfaces and none that were being monitored showed being down.

          I logged into the Steelhead to take a look around.  Everything looked proper for the interfaces but I when I looked at the SNMP settings, I noticed the read community string was blank.  I put the community string back in and saved the configuration than ran another rediscover from Orion.  The "red" condition was gone and when I listed the resources the CPU/Memory box was displayed.

          Since it appeared to be community string problem, I looked back at interface statistics expecting to see collection gaps - none exist.

          I am now collecting CPU and Memory utilization.