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    Network Atlas: Detailed Maps - Icon overlap


      We are building maps in Network Atlas that will show the status of each building within each campus. The buildings are connected in many cases, so they are very close together. Even though our icons for each building are cropped and have transparent backgrounds (GIF), Solarwinds web console still sees the complete rectangle space that each icon occupies, and when you hover your mouse, this overlap affects which building's info/link is presented in the popup. In other words, depending on where the mouse is hovering, even though it is over one building, the link or popup will be for the other building sitting next to it. Has anybody dealt with this already and found a good workaround?


      What I am wanting is for this to behave more like an HTML image map where the link or popup will always [accurately] be based on where the mouse hovers.




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          Andy McBride

          Hi Romeo,

          Great use of Network Atlas and sorry that you are running into that issue. I'll mark this for a PM to comment on.


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            How did you get the gif images to have transparent background?  When I paste my gifs into network atlas the transparent part turns to black or white.  I'm also interested in how to make the network map more accurate like an html image map coordinates.  Any update?

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                We actually copied the gifs into folders in the user's application data folder on the SolarWinds web server....like this:


                C:\Documents and Settings\Your_Username\Application Data\SolarWinds\NetworkAtlas\Maps\Orion\localhost\NetObjects\User Graphics\Building\Icon.gif

                ** I wanted to clarify that the "\Building" sub-folder is not mandatory. We built a sub-folder structure that mirrored our organization based on City, Building, Network Closet, etc....


                After you copy the gifs there, close and re-open Network Atlas and you should see them populated.


                Also, in order for the gif to have different colors for the various statuses, we created a separate gif for each status:








                As far as I know, the popups/hover area issue still exists, and we never came up with a workaround. This project got pushed back/priority lowered and we never finished it.