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    NIC Statistics for a device coupled with Switchport Statistics where connected



      I am searching all over help files, forums, and blogs for this, but haven't run across anything yet.  I am looking for an idea on how to make a default template page for devices that will specifically show the following:

        --  Device Network Interface Card (NIC) - metrics like errors, discards, etc.

        --  Switchport - metrics like errors, discards, etc. in which directly correlate to the device NIC above.  -  on the same page for the device (without having to manually configure custom pages for each device)


      This would allow some type of matching capability for the device added (say MAC address on NIC) and relate to the other end of the Ethernet Cable on the Switchport where the cable is plugged in.  Now my server guys, or other department can see their devices in which is in their respective area of responsibility along with say the "Network" metrics where their device plugs into the network (typically not their area of responsibility).

      I am looking to custom pages and how I might querry then match such instance but with things moving in the network as well, it seems like a monumental task in order for the template to perform some automated search and match criteria based on the NIC card and then searching all available switchports for the NIC MAC address or something of the like.

      Any ideas???