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    NCM Roles


      Since upgrading to NCM 7, there is a lot tighter integration of NCM with the WI - which I love! The downside however is that we have staff in certain roles who we don't want to have any access at all to the configuration management side of orion - not even view access. These are the roles available to us:

      Administrator Unlimited access to NCM functionality.
      Engineer Admin but can not view config transfer status from all users.
      WebUploader Read/Write but requires approval from an Admin. No access is granted to the desktop NCM application.
      WebDownloader Read only access with ability to download configs. No access is granted to the desktop NCM application.
      WebViewer Read only access. No access is granted to the desktop NCM application.

      I'd like to see an additional 'No access' role to prevent certain users from viewing any configs. The configuration tab was removed from this profile, but now with NCM integrated into node screens etc. we'd need to copy and manually remove those portions from all the different pages where configs now appear.

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          I am in the exact same position.  I love the better integration, however now that the two components are integrated there is a need to include the ability to exclude NCM from the Orion web interface for some users.  I tried a few ways to limit the view, however a basic user still has the ability to view configs.

          A 'No Access' role is exactly what needs to be added to the system.

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            Fryguy & whiteb--

            I am moving this to the NPM Feature Request forum for the PM to comment on.

            Thank you!