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    Not able to view some of th LUNs Perfomace


      Hi Team

      Solarwinds not able to  detect some of the LUN's perfoamce details.i have 2 data Center. Datacenter 1 and 2.

      In Data center 1 there is total 7 Luns and Lun 1 not showing any perfomance data . Please find the atatchement.

      Datacenter 2  There is 3 LUNS and  LUN 2 , 3[View:/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer.Components.UserFiles/] not showing the perfomance details.Please find the attached screeshots.

      Please help me regarding this issue




      Data center 1 >LUN 1















      Datacenter 2 à LUN 2 and 3

      Storage 1= LocalESX datastore where th esx 4.0 update 1 installed.




      Both are IBM DS4700 Storage.