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    Bad CPU numbers coming from NPM Reports


      I have to submit a monthly report to management about the state of the network.  One of the things that gets turned in is the average and peak CPU Load figures from a report I get from NPM.

      What concerns me is that two servers came up on this months report showing peak cpu loads of 116% and 178%.  I dont see how it is possible to report over 100% peak load.  I would have thought that 100% would be the max value that could be reported.  These two numbers alone make me question the validity of the entire report.

      To add to the problem, I have one server that is reporting an average CPU load of 98%.  I havent heard complaint one from any of the users at the office where this server is.  At that level, my phone would have melted with complaints.

      Just as strange is a server that reports 0% average utilization and 100% peak utilization.  That one doesnt make sense.

      I have already tried talking to someone at SW Support but ended up with nothing.  He was very hard to understand and kept saying it was the server and not Orion. 

      Has anyone else seen this ?

      Is there someone I can talk to at SW about this that is in the US ?