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    Scanning on one computer and exporting to Visio on another.


      Hello there-

      I am evaluating LANsurveyor Express. The main feature I am interested is the generation of Visio diagrams. It seems you have to have Visio installed on the PC doing the scanning in order to create the diagram. However, since I cannot always be onsite to run this tool, I sometimes cannot simply run it on my laptop to do the whole thing in one step.I would like to run it on a customers PC, or server (which will usually not have Visio installed), then bring the results to my PC (which will) to then export to Visio. This is even more the case when dealing with remote sites. I realize that means installing and uninstalling the software from the customers PC, as well as moving whatever config and data files. That I can do, what I often cannot do is expect my customers to provide me with a PC with Visio on it (or leave mine onsite for the scan).

      Note: VPN'ing in from my office is not really an option as I will be using this as part of an audit in a sales call kind of situation.

      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Sean Atkinson