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    lost basic alerts on hardware migration


      I had to migrate my npm hardware and it appears none of my basic alerts came over to the new box. I want to get this straightened out prior to moving up to 10.2. Any ideas as to what I failed to copy off the old server?


      SolarWinds Orion Core 2011.1.1, IPAM 2.0, NCM 6.1, NPM 10.1.3, NTA 3.8.0, IVIM 1.1.2

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          The Basic Alerts are tied to the Engine ID of the Orion Server since they run locally to the system only. As long as there is only 1 Orion Engine, please execute the following SQL:

          Update Alerts set EngineID=(select EngineID from Engines)


          You will need to run the above in SQL Studio Manager or in our Database Manager


          For SQL Studio Manager:

          1. Start > All Programs >      Microsoft SQL Server > SQL Server Management Studio
          1. Using sa credentials, log in      to your SQL Server\Instance
          1. If you have forgotten your      SQL Server\Instance see the Note at the Bottom
          1. Click plus sign in the      database, and right click NetPerfMon, and click New Query, paste the query      and apply execute, it will let you know by say (x rows affected)


          For our Database Manager:

          1. Start> Programs>      Solarwinds Orion> Advanced Features> Database Manager
          1. Click New Server
          1. Enter in your SQL      Server\Instance and the Account information
          1. If you have forgotten your      SQL Server\Instance see the Note at the Bottom
          1. Expand out the NetPerfMon      Database.
          1. Right Click on any Table and      select Query Table
          2. Clear out the “Select Top      1000 * from (Table)” and enter in the Query information and select Refresh


          Note: If you have forgotten your SQL Server\Instance, you can find this information under Start> Programs> Solarwinds Orion> Configuration and Auto-Discovery> Configuration Wizard, then Database and Next. The Top Entry will be your SQL Server\Instance.

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              Thanks Sean thats very helpful but I'm still not seeing them populate, however I see them in the alerts table. I suspect from reading your caution on the number of engines that my issue may lie there. 

              Our NPM migration was due to failed hardware which came up during the cutover briefly resulting in an additional poller being registered.

              My alerts table shows these basic alerts tied to EngineID 4.

              How do I determine what that value should be?

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                  You can see all of the Orion Engines in the Engines Table. If there is more than 1 Primary under the ServerType Column you will need to do the following:

                  1. Go into Start>      Programs> SolarWinds Orion> Advanced Features> Monitor Polling      Engines.
                  1. Go to Servers> Poller Load      Balancing.
                  1. Select all of you nodes
                  1. Go to Polling Engines>      Move selected nodes to> select your current Orion.
                  1. It will then ask if you want      to remove the old polling Engine, Press Yes
                  1. Open System Manager, you      should see all of your Nodes you added to this Server.
                  Then execute the SQL Statement and it will update to the only Engine in the Database,

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                      That also didn't seem to work as I must have already cleared out the second poller. 

                      I did try from SQL studio with the above query and at least saw some rows affected but the GUI did not update. I confirmed in the engines table that the alerts table was correct so I bounced the box and now everything seems well in the world.


                      Thanks Sean1