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    Portmapper Question


      I have Workspace Studio v10.7.0.103 and am using portmapper to identify the systems connected to some of our Cisco switches. All is working fine until I try to use Portmapper on a stackwise set of four Cisco 3750 switches each with 52 ports - it fails completely after approx 2 hours. I have carried out the same exercise on a stackwise set of two Cisco 3750 switches each with 52 ports and it works correctly. Is there a limit to the number of ports that portmapper can handle, and if so is there any workaround to overcome this problem ?

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          There is no limit to the number of interfaces. Some 3750's have issues with SNMPv2. They are responding very slowly to SNMPv2 queries. Try to force SNMPv1 by disabling the "Use GetBulk" option in Switch Port Mapper settings. It will take long, but it may actually show the results. Also, making sure the IOS on the device is updated and you have the latest Toolset 10.7 hotfix (#3) installed is something you should do. If none of this helps, please open a support case.

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