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    Problem in discovering WMware



      I currently installed Solarwinds Orion NPM and I want to monitor my VMwares (SNMP already enabled) which is installed on an ESX server.

      The problem is, although the target VMware were discovered, they only appeared as "Unknown" on the Orion Home.

      My question are these:

      If I enabled the SNMP of my ESX server, would it be possible for me to see the resources of my VMwares (Harddisk, memory, etc)?

      what should I do in order to view the resources on my VMware (harddisk, memory, etc)?

      Regarding the credentials, do I need to put the credentials of both the ESX server and VMware credentials?


      Actually i'm doing some simulations before I deploy it on our project next week. 

      My concern right now is on how to address this kind of scenario.

      Our client purchased NPM and APM, but I think its better to solve this problem first.


      Please help.. :)