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    Question regarding ConnectNow in Network Atlas


      Hi, I wanted to take advantage of the ConnectNow feature in Network Atlas. However, all my nodes (64 of them) are added 1 by 1 manually, not through discovery.

      So now if I want to enable ConnectNow, essentially I need to remove all my existing nodes and then re-add them using discovery? Or is there a workaround because I don't want all my data to be gone.


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          Run a discovery and import one node.  I seem to recall that's all that was required when I successfully got topology resources populated.  I actually did not use ConnectNow until yesterday, but it seems like the information ConnectNow shows is the same information I made visible in topology resources (node details and summary pages) when I set that up.

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            Just a quick note...  If you're running NPM 10.2, the gathering of topology data is no longer linked to Discovery.  It will happen on the rediscovery interval.  You can see if the MIB's are supported and being polled on a node by doing a 'List Resources'.  If it's supported, it will be shown.  If it's being polled, it will be checked.  Specifically the items will start with "Topology:"


            Hope that helps.