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    Regurarly Scheduled Maintenance Periods


      I can't be the only one with this problem:  How do you set up regularly recurring maintenance periods (periods of unmanaged status)?

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          There is an "Unmanage Scheduling Utility" on the SolarWinds server. On my install the shortcut is on the Start menu under SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features.

          To quote from the software:
          What you can do with the Schedule Unmanage Utility:

          • Create a task to unmanage Orion® nodes, applications, and interfaces for a custom period of time. An unmanage task can be scheduled to run on a schedule.
          • Edit existing tasks to add or delete Orion objects or adjust the time period.
          • Why use this utility? If you have routine scheduled maintenance that happens once a week, you can have an unmanage task that runs at the same time. Selected Orion objects will be unmanaged and you won't receive alerts from them during this period of maintenance.
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              Thanks for this.  I hadn't stumbled upon that.  And I appreciate your pointing it out to me.


              But to Solarwinds I have to say:  This is one of the most bogus features of an NMS I have seen - a real hack job.  I have to go to two places to schedule this.  Length of time in the utility, time to start in Task manager, and yet another need for a login with a non-expiring password.  Plus, as far as I can tell, no way to easily see when regular maintenance windows are - something I think would be critical in a large systems environment - without getting one of the SQL guys to write a query.

              Consider this a feature request.

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              There is always the Orion SDK option and running an external script to unmanage them. It's fairly easy and you have complete control over the whole process.