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    Unable to Discover Stg Mgr 5.1 Server after changing IP


      After trying to configure my LeftHand storage servers on Stg Mgr I found that the SM server couldn't discover the iSCSI 192.168.xx.xx addresses on the LeftHand units.  Since the Stg Mgr server is a VM host it couldn't see that IP range so I added another virtual NIC in that subnet.  The SM server was in a domain that didn't have access to the LH iSCSI network so it was moved to another subnet with a new IP. That worked OK but now SM doesn't discover its own server any longer after changing the configuration IP.  How can I rediscover the SM server on the console?  Everthing else is working ok, just can't see the SM server under Server and NAS Groups.

      Do I need to reinstall the Stg Mgr server?  If so, will all the other configured resources be saved somewhere?